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What is PASMO card? Please tell me how and for what I can use it.

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PASMO is a convenient IC card that can be used on trains and buses in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. A personalized PASMO and blank PASMO are available. Both types are sold at ticket vending machines, pass offices and station offices.

(Features of PASMO)
(1) As long as your PASMO is charged (money is deposited on it), just touch the card to the card reader to ride trains and buses.
(2) Even when you travel beyond the route specified on your railway pass, just touch your PASMO to the card reader for automatic fare adjustment.
(3) PASMO can also be used as electronic money in stores and on vending machines.
(4) If the balance falls low, you can refill your card at ticket vending machines, etc. for repeated use.
(5) A personalized PASMO and PASMO commuter pass may be reissued when it is lost.
(6) In addition to the Suica/PASMO coverage areas, the card may also be used in IC card mutual usage areas across the nation.

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